Apple Watch 8's Success Will Need this Feature

Written By

Max Austin

With new premium models launching almost every two months, the smartwatch market is more competitive than ever.

We hope to see the best new smartwatches this year, especially the Apple Watch 8, which Apple is expected to announce on September 5th. 

Health-focused features have been rumored for the upcoming Apple Watch 8.

Health monitoring apps that keep track of your skin temperature can be useful in many ways.

As a basic measure, sleep monitoring would be the least problematic. During sleep, your body releases heat, causing your temperature to rise

You'll have a better sense of why you didn't get a good night's sleep if your watch measures temperature with sleep.

Because a smartwatch cannot measure temperature with sleep monitoring, which is a surprisingly useful metric.

Other manufacturers have already figured it out, only Apple and Samsung are now racing to see who will be the first to measure our body temperature via our wrists.

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