APK Teardown Reveals Fitbit to Support Wear OS

Written By

Max Austin

When an APK teardown is performed, features that may be introduced in a future update can often be predicted.

What's APK Teardown?

A recent APK teardown performed by XDA Developers reveals the potential launch of Wear OS for the Upcoming Fitbit Smartwatch.

According to the beta version of Google Play Services v22.32.12, a string hints at the possibility of Wear OS.

The String Says "everywhere Google Pay is accepted, ride transit, and more."

Hinting the Google Pay Support was enough to expect a possible Wear OS Fitbit Watch in the near future.

However, it revealed more...

The APK teardown showed two Google Pay illustrations of a Fitbit Smartwatch.  In this illustration, a Fitbit watch is shown with its square display and rounded corners, similar to versa 3.


There is a possibility that these features may not appear in the final release.

Due to the fact that these features are not currently executed and may be removed by the developers at any time.