The Best Fitbit Games, Ranked

Written By

Max Austin

Fitbit has a lot of exciting games in its App Store. So what are the best games to lift up the mood?

The best game to trigger nostalgia

The Snake

Nostalgic Fitbit Game

For someone who’s just looking for a nostalgic game from 90s,  The Snake is a perfect choice.

Best racing game to play when bored 

Drag Racing

Car Racing Game  to Play On Your Fitbit

Playing Drag Racing can be addictive for many. Car gets speed up and slows down randomly. Boost its speed at the right time to stay ahead.

Best game to play with your friends


Multiplayer Fitbit Game to play with friends

The game is multiplayer, letting you play with your friends and family. The overall goal is to fill three boxes in a row with the same symbol to win the game.

Other games we love

Block Rain

A nostalgic game from 90s.

Chicken Flap

Giving you similar vibes playing flappy bird.

Dino Jump

Play T-Rex Chrome  Game on Fitbit.