Cool Things to Do With Galaxy Watch 5

Written By

Max Austin

Samsung recently released two new additions to its Galaxy Watch lineup, the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Since its release, the internet has gone absurd with its array of exciting features. Let’s see what cool features it offers.

This special feature lets you adventure guided hikes and bike rides with a navigational map on screen created by you.

1. Enable Route Tile

The Galaxy Watch 5 has added a new compass watch face called Pro Analog, designed for travel adventurers.

2. Set Compass Watch Face

The Galaxy Watch 5 lets you set hand gestures to open any app or feature of your choice.

3. Gestures to Open Apps

The Galaxy Watch 5 has offline music playback support, which lets you listen to Spotify songs without being connected to the internet.

4. Listen to Offline Music

The Wear OS support enables you to play fun games on the Galaxy Watch 5.

5. Play Fun Games

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