Fitbit Clock Faces that Level Up the Style

Written By

Max Austin

Fitbit has a wide collection of clock faces in its app store. So what are some stylish clock faces that can level up your screen?

Let's Find Out!

Best clock face to set your avatar


Set your own avatar as clock face.

Bitmoji displays your thoughts on the Fitbit screen with the help of an animated character that wears your face.

Best clock face with digital and analog look


Get analog and digital clock face in one.

Ringtensity is a smart yet sporty analog and digital clock face with interlocking goal arcs, making it suitable for sports like running, hiking, walking, and all-day use.

Best clock face to track activity with style

Retro Sunset V

Get back to the 80s with a stylish look.

Retro Sunset V is suitable for someone who would like to feel like they are living in the 80s. It combines colors and simplicity, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

More Stylish Clock Face

Noxie Clock

Animated clock face for cat lovers.

Layers Loop

Loop font style clock face.


Track activity with style.