Fossil Watch Back Cover Came Off – Here’s How to Fix?

Did your Fossil Watch’s back cover just come off on its own? It’s not shocking anymore because a majority of Fossil Watch users are facing this issue, including myself.

I don’t remember dropping it or doing something that could result in the watch’s back cover coming off on its own. I noticed it just randomly fell off without any warning.

The report says that the customer service team is investigating the issue and will provide an update when more information is available. If you ask me to guess the possible reason for the back cover coming off on its own, I would say:

It’s the heat produced while charging your Fossil watch, melting the adhesive glue from inside. The heat weakens the bonding between the back cover and its bracket, resulting in letting the watch’s back cover fall off on its own.

However, the main issue now is how to restore the back cover to its original state. As part of this guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step process I used to fix my Fossil watch. Let’s get started!

How to Fix Fossil Watch Back Cover Came Off? (With Images)

Step 1: Select The Right Glue

To attach the back cover to the bracket of the Fossil watch, we need to apply fresh adhesive glue, so choosing the right glue is vital.

I recommend MMOBIEL’s T-7000 Semi Fluid Adhesive for this process since it works well for bonding electronic components with greater durability.

Step 2: Remove the Old Adhesive

Before applying the glue, ensure the old adhesive is completely removed and clean the back cover for any dust or debris build-up. Use Forceps (grasping tool) to remove the old adhesive from the back cover while being careful not to damage the sensors.

Step 3: Apply The New Adhesive

When the old adhesive is removed, it’s time to apply fresh adhesive. Move the adhesive circularly around the cover’s perimeter. Try not to spill any adhesive on the sensors as you apply the new adhesive around the back cover’s perimeter.

Attach the watch back cover once the adhesive layer is ready.  

Step 4: Add Some Weight To Watch’s Back

It’s not over yet.

The back cover can fall again without a strong bond. While the adhesive dries, wrap the watch in a synthetic fiber cloth and add some weight to it. Placing a book or something that doesn’t cause damage to the watch would be the best option.

Leave it like that for 24 hours straight.

Step 5: Check the Bonding & Done!

Well done! You have successfully repaired your Fossil Watch’s back cover came off issue.

After 24 hours of application, check if the back cover has got a strong bonding with the watch. If you followed the steps correctly, the problem with the back cover should be fixed by now. And if not, you can repeat the process if needed.

Additional Tips to Avoid Fossil Watch Back Cover Problem In Future

  • Charge Your Watch In a Cool Environment – As discussed earlier, charging can generate heat and melt down your watch back cover’s adhesive. The best way to prevent your watch from heating up too quickly is to keep it in an air-conditioned room.
  • Avoid Wearing Watch Under Water – Keep your watch away from water. According to ResearchGate, water can affect adhesion joints at longer immersion times. The study says adhesive bond reduces by 30% after one month of immersion in water.

Wrap Up

One thing to keep in mind, Fossil Watch’s back cover problem isn’t specific to you. Many users have reported the same problem.

Currently, you can resolve this issue temporarily by following the above steps. Whether Fossil, as a watch-making company, has found a permanent solution is not known. If they do, it will be fixed on their upcoming watches.

For now, you can get yourself an MMOBIEL’s T-7000 Semi Fluid Adhesive and start fixing it on your own. Good Luck!

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