Do AirPods Work with Garmin? (This May Surprise You)

Do you want to Connect your Garmin Watch to AirPods? Is that even possible?

We often assume that there will be compatibility issues when companies do not work together. For example, Apple products have a strong ecosystem where users easily assume that they are only compatible with other Apple products. That’s a Myth!

Remember that two devices are pairable if they meet their software and hardware requirements.

Now that we know these facts, let’s explore one of the most commonly asked questions – Do AirPods Work with Garmin? Let’s Find Out!

Do AirPods Work with Garmin?

Even though AirPods are designed for Apple Watch, they are also compatible with Garmin Watch, so you can enjoy Apple’s wire-free technology even if you have a Garmin Watch.

The AirPods use Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth BLE or Smart Bluetooth) to connect to any device. Meaning, the Garmin watch you’re trying to pair needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 to make your AirPods work with your Garmin.

Maybe you are wondering, what is the difference between Bluetooth 4.0 and regular Bluetooth? Here’s a quick answer:

Bluetooth 4.0 is a significantly different technology from regular Bluetooth. Through Bluetooth 4.0, your Garmin Watch can act as a gateway to other devices, so users can pair their Garmin Watch with external devices such as headsets and other accessories.

List of Garmin Watches Compatible with AirPods

Here’s the list of Garmin Watch Models Compatible with Airpods and other headsets:

Garmin SeriesModel Name
Forerunner245, 245 Music, 745, 945, 945 LTE
VivoactiveVivoactive 4 and Vivoactive 4S
FenixFenix 7, Fenix 7S, Fenix 7X, Fenix 6, Fenix 6S, Fenix 6X
VenuVenu 2, Venu 2 Plus, Venu 2S, Venu Sq (Music)
QuatixQuatix 6, Quatix 6X
MARQDriver, Aviator, Captain Series, Commander, Adventurer, Athlete, Golfer
DescentMk2S, Mk2, Mk2i

How to Connect AirPods to Garmin Watch? (Step-Wise)

Step 1: Enable Pairing Mode on AirPods

To enable pairing mode on your AirPods, place your AirPods in the charging case. And keeping the lid open, press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status light flashes white.

Step 2: Connect AirPods to Garmin

As you’re in Pairing Mode, you’ll need to connect your AirPods to Garmin. On your Garmin Watch, Go to Settings > Sensors > Add New > Tap “Headphones.”

It’ll then start searching for nearby headphones available to connect. Once found, tap on your AirPod’s device name to connect.

Step 3: Verify Connection & It’s Done!

On a successful connection, the light on AirPod’s charging case turns orange. And on your Garmin Watch, you’ll see the status as “Connected.”

Video Guide: How to Connect AirPods to Garmin

Why Won’t My Garmin Connect to AirPods? Tips to Fix

Ensure AirPods Are In Range Of Garmin Watch

The Apple AirPods and Garmin watches use the latest Bluetooth technology, which has an impressive range of connectivity. In any case, I recommend holding them right next to each other when trying to connect, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that both devices are within range of one another.

Ensure Pairing Mode Is Enabled

Check whether the Airpods have its pairing mode enabled. Having pairing mode enabled allows you to wirelessly connect your AirPods to other Bluetooth devices.

To enable pairing mode on your AirPods, place them in the charging case, keep the lid open, and hold the setup button until the status light flashes white. Light flashing white means the AirPods are ready to connect. Once you successfully pair, the light turns orange.

That’s how you can ensure whether your pairing mode is enabled or not.

Soft Reboot & Try Connecting Again

A soft reboot usually resolves any kind of technical glitch. It clears out any software errors or buggy processes (if exist) that might be causing connectivity issues.

If this is the case, rebooting your Garmin Watch may fix the problem. To reboot, Hold down the power button until the watch turns off. Then, press the same button to turn the watch back on

Charge Your AirPods And The Charging Case

It is essential to check whether the AirPods and the charging case have battery life before trying to connect them to your Garmin Watch.

Since AirPods don’t have a built-in battery indicator, it’s difficult to keep track of their battery life. I recommend placing your AirPods in their charging case for a while if they are out of battery life.

Pro Tip: You can charge your AirPods while the charging case is charging.

Update Your Garmin Watch

Garmin Watches running outdated versions of OS might have trouble connecting AirPods. Make sure your Garmin Watch is running on the latest framework version. If not, update it as needed.

To update your Garmin Watch, Go to Settings > Select System > Tap “Software Update.” Update the software if available.

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