Can You Install Wear OS on Galaxy Watch? (Explained)

Do you want to install Wear OS on your Galaxy Watch? I am personally not a big fan of Tizen OS as it limits us from getting the most out of our Galaxy Watch.

On the other hand, Wear OS by Google has access to several features and functionality that one would wish for. The question remains, Is it possible to install Wear OS on your Galaxy Watch somehow?

Before answering this in one line, let’s understand from a developer’s point of view.

Wear Os by Google is just like any regular Operating System (such as Android, Linux), which manages the resources, establishes a user interface, and provides services for applications on your watch.

It only differs in the fact that Wear OS is a closed-source platform while others are open-source. What does that mean?

Open-source operating systems use open-source code that is freely available to anyone, even for commercial use. Closed-source operating systems use exclusive code that is kept secret to prevent other entities from using it.

Google has kept Wear OS a closed source platform to ensure consistency and prevent fragmentation. It also lets them decide on minimum hardware requirements for a watch to be compatible.

In simple words, a smartwatch manufacturer will need to partner with Google to power their watch with Wear OS.

With this, let’s answer; Can you install Wear OS on your Galaxy Watch?

Can You Install Wear OS on your Galaxy Watch?

The straightforward answer is NO. There is no custom Wear OS for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Wear OS requires a suitable hardware platform to operate, which the Galaxy Watch fails to provide.

Let’s get this straight.

To run a high-end graphics game requires a set of hardware requirements to run. It could be eight gibs of RAM, the latest processor like Ryzen 5 5600X, etc. Likewise, A watch that runs Wear OS requires a combination of sensors, GPU, Snapdragon Wear lineup CPU as well as sufficient RAM & ROM.

For instance; The Galaxy Watch Active 2 running on Exynos 9110 processor cannot support Wear OS. Because Wear OS requires Snapdragon Wear lineup processor to run.

How to Get Wear OS On Your Galaxy Watch?

The solution is simple. Get yourself a Watch that officially supports Wear OS. Because at the moment, you cannot install a custom Wear OS on Galaxy Watch devices, this is obvious.

Samsung has been eyeing the smartwatch market for a few years now. And has finally unveiled its first-ever Wear OS watch, the Galaxy Watch 4. If you’re a Samsung fan, get the latest Galaxy Watch 4, one of the best Wear OS watches that you can find on the market right now.

Other Watch Brands that feature Wear OS by Google:

  • Fossil
  • Suunto
  • Mobvoi TicWatch
  • Huawei
  • Michael Kors
  • Misfit

Why Did Samsung Introduce Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 4?

Originally, Samsung Watches are based on Tizen operating system. Then, why did they have to introduce Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 4?

Samsung has been a pioneer in the smartwatch market for years, and after partnering with Google last year to launch wear os, it seemed natural to release the newest iteration on its new device.

They needed something more compatible with Android users in general. Other competitors like Suunto and Fossil already offer Wear OS on their watches so Samsung had to as well if they wanted to compete in the smartwatch industry.

FAQs: Install Wear OS on Galaxy Watch

Can You Install Wear OS On Any Smartwatch?

The answer remains the same. Wear OS cannot be installed on any smartwatch that does not support it out of the box. There is a specific hardware requirement for Wear OS to run, and your watch needs to fulfill it if you want to install Wear OS.

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Which Galaxy Watch supports Wear OS?

The latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic officially supports Wear OS by Google.

Will Galaxy Watch Get Future Updates for Wear OS?

Wear OS cannot run on a Galaxy Watch without proper hardware specifications. Therefore, you should not expect future updates for Tizen OS-based Galaxy Watches to add Wear OS functionality.

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