Complete List of Wahoo Tickr Compatible Watches

A recent study found that wrist-based heart rate monitors did not accurately measure heart rates and were off by around 20 beats per minute.

Smartwatches can be inaccurate and unreliable sometimes. However, they still offer some advantages, such as more comfortable wearability and less chance of malfunctioning.

With this, I am not trying to discourage you by any means, but an external heart rate sensor can help get better insights about your heart rate in comparison to a smartwatch.

External heart rate sensors like the Wahoo Tickr have become one of the most popular choices in recent years. Thanks to ANT+, the device is compatible with a variety of external devices, including watches & gym equipment like treadmills.

For Wahoo Tickr to work, your watch must support ANT+ or Bluetooth Host Mode.

If you don’t know, ANT+ technology enables wireless transmission of data between two electronic devices. In simple words, it lets you connect external accessories.

On the other hand, Bluetooth host mode differs from regular Bluetooth that you find on watches like Fitbit. Most watches like Garmin & Apple Watch use the Bluetooth host mode to connect wireless accessories such as earbuds, heart rate sensors, etc.

That’s a reason why you can’t connect watches like Fitbit and Amazfit to external accessories despite having Bluetooth.

In this post, you’ll find a list of compatible watch brands along with models that supports Wahoo Tickr out of the box. Let’s dive in!

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Apple Watches

Apple Watches

Compatible Models: Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, and Watch SE. The majority of Apple Watch models are compatible with Wahoo Tickr.

Apple Watches are compatible with the Wahoo Tickr sensor. For connectivity, It mainly uses Bluetooth Host Mode to pair external accessories such as earbuds and HR sensors.

You’ll need to download the RunFit app from the App Store on both the Apple Watch and your iPhone to pair the two devices. The process to pair the TICKR will be different depending on the devices you will have with you when working out.

How to Pair Wahoo Tickr to Apple Watch when Working Out With iPhone:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  • Open the RunFit app on your iPhone.
  • Pair your TICKR with RunFit by following the prompts.
  • Your Apple Watch will show the HR data from TICKR when you open the RunFit app.

How to Pair Wahoo Tickr to Apple Watch when Working Out Without iPhone:

  • To connect to the TICKR, navigate to your watch’s Bluetooth settings menu, where it appears under Health Devices.
  • Save the TICKR as a sensor.
  • Open the RunFit app on the Apple Watch to see HR data from the TICKR.

Garmin Watches

Garmin Watches

Compatible Models: Forerunner Series, Venu Series, Enduro, Fenix Series, Instinct Series, Vivoactive Series, Vivosmart Series, Vivosport Series, and more.

Garmin Watches are compatible with the Wahoo Tickr sensor. For connectivity, Garmin uses ANT+ as well as Bluetooth Host Mode to pair external accessories.

Since the majority of Garmin Watches support ANT+, you can connect your Wahoo Tickr to almost any Garmin Watch. Check this huge list on the ANT+ directory page.

How to Connect Wahoo Tickr to Garmin Watches:

  • First, Wear the Wahoo Tickr on your chest. (Important)
  • To Enable ANT+, Open Polar Beat App > Settings > HR Sensor > Enable ANT+.
  • Now on your watch, Open Settings > Sensors and Accessories > Add New Device > Start Searching.
  • When found, tap on the device to pair.

COROS Watches

COROS Watches

Compatible Models: APEX, APEX Pro, PACE, PACE 2 Premium GPS Sports Watch, and VERTIX.

Coros Watches are compatible with the Wahoo Tickr sensor. Coros connects external accessories using both Bluetooth Host Mode and ANT+ technology.

How to Connect Wahoo Tickr to Coros Watches:

  • First, Wear the Wahoo Tickr on your chest. (Important)
  • Press the digital button on your Coros.
  • Go to System > Accessories. You will find both Blutooth and ANT+ option.
  • Wahoo Tickr supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth, so you can choose either one.
  • Find the nearby Wahoo Tickr & Pair It. And done!

Suunto Watches

Suunto Watches

Compatible Models: Ambit, Ambit 2, and Ambit 2S

Suunto Watches are compatible with the Wahoo Tickr. Suunto mostly depends on ANT+ technology to connect external accessories.

How to Connect Wahoo Tickr to Suunto Watches:

  • First, Wear the Wahoo Tickr on your chest. (Important)
  • Hold the button on the right to enter settings.
  • Go to Pair > Select “HR Belt.”
  • Keep your Wahoo Tickr close to your Watch when pairing.

More Wahoo Tickr Compatible Watches

Brand NameModel
HEALTH & LIFE CO., LTD.FitSignal Sport Watch HL310
PAPAGO!GOLiFE GoWatch X-PRO, GoWatch 820i, GOLiFE RUN 120+, GoWatch770
TimexIronman Run Trainer GPS HRM
LeikrLeikr GPS Sports Watch
AdidasmiCoach Zone
GeonauteKeymaze Quechua 700 Trail, ONmove 500, ONmove 700
BeurerPM70, PM80, PM90
SHO-URanger Watch W-10
GoldTekSport Watch (Android / iOS)
EpsonWristableGPS SS-500, WristableGPS SS-700

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