What Do the Fitbit Symbols Mean? All Symbols Explained

Fitbit symbols are the small, circular icons that you generally see on the Fitbit device’s display or the companion app. They usually indicate your progress towards your daily fitness goal, your heart rate, and how much time you’ve spent in different heart rate zones.

It is easy to recognize these symbols. However, beginners often have difficulty identifying the symbols they encounter for the first time. Don’t worry, That’s Normal!

In this guide, I’ve explained some basic and popular Fitbit symbols that you may fail to guess as a beginner.

Let’s Dive In!

What Does the Official Fitbit Symbol Mean?

Fitbit Official Logo/Symbol
Fitbit Official Logo/Symbol

Have you ever wondered what Fitbit’s logo means? There is a famous quote by Philip Pullman, “Everything has a meaning, if only we could read it.” The same applies here as well!

In Fitbit’s official branding symbol, there is a hidden message that real fitness enthusiasts will be able to decipher. If you notice closely, you can see that the Fitbit logo strikes a healthy balance between “friendly” and “tech” while conveying a sense of movement.

Here’s a closer look!

Fitbit Logo/Symbol Closer Look
Fitbit Logo/Symbol Closer Look

All dots on the logo are aligned in a way to form an arrow, signifying progress and development. The main idea behind the Fitbit logo is to motivate fitness freaks to move forward and achieve their fitness goals more than they did at the initial point.

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List of All Basic Fitbit Core Stats Symbols with Meaning

Shoe Symbol

Shoe Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: The Shoe symbol on Fitbit stands for the total number of steps taken during an interval. Your Fitbit screen indicates the total steps taken in a day.

Your steps are counted by Fitbit devices using a 3-axis accelerometer. Using this sensor, your device can also determine your movement frequency, duration, intensity, and patterns.

Flame Symbol

Flame Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: The Flame Symbol on Fitbit represents how many calories you’ve burned. Your Fitbit screen indicates the total calories you’ve burned in a day.

To estimate calories burned, Fitbit devices combine your basal metabolic rate (BMR.) As a result of your activity, you burn calories at rest to keep your body functioning properly.

Map Pointer Symbol

Map Pointer Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: The Map Pointer Symbol shows you the total distance you’ve traveled. Your Fitbit screen indicates the total distance you’ve covered in a day.

In GPS-enabled Fitbit, distance is calculated based on GPS data rather than steps. In the absence of a GPS signal, your device will calculate distance based on your steps until it receives one.

Stairs Symbol

Stairs Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: The Stairs Symbol refers to the number of floors you’ve climbed.

Your Fitbit tracker registers a floor when you climb ten feet at a time, so you may not be climbing stairs. However, if you’re walking across elevated terrain, it’ll take each 10 feet up as floors.  

Heart Symbol

Heart Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: The Heart Symbol on Fitbit devices is a representation of your all-day heart rate and zone. It shows a number indicating, how many times your heart is beating in a minute.

When you wear your Fitbit tracker, your pulse is tracked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.

Man Swing Arms Symbol

Man Swing Arms Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: A Man swinging his arm on Fitbit is called Hourly Activity. It helps in reducing your stationary time throughout the day by setting hourly activity goals.

The best way to begin your exercise routine is to take at least 250 steps per hour, which is equal to a few minutes of walking. The Interval of tracking your goal and receiving reminders can be adjusted.

Three Arrows Symbol

Three Arrows Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: The Three Arrow Symbol that you see on your Fitbit is called Active Zone Minutes. It generally counts the amount of time you spend when you engage in any heart-pumping activity.

Active Zone Minutes also rewards you with credits. Keep in mind that getting more credits with Active Zone Minutes is based on your hard work.

Lightning Bolt Symbol

Lightning Bolt Symbol Fitbit

Meaning: The Lightning Bolt Symbol on your Fitbit refers to something called Active Minutes.

It tells you how many calories you have burned after spending at least 10 minutes in an activity that burns three times as many calories as resting.

Other Fitbit Symbols & Its Meaning

Apart from basic core stats symbols, there are a few other symbols that you may encounter. Here’re some:

SymbolSymbol NameMeaning
No Phone Connection IndicatorFitbit Device is not connected to your phone.
DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode  Fitbit’s do not disturb setting is enabled.
AOD (Always On Display) ModeAlways On Display Settings is On.
Water LockFitbit’s Water Lock Mode is On, preventing your screen and buttons on your tracker from activating.
Screen BrightnessChange the screen’s brightness.
Screen Auto WakeFitbit’s Screen Wake setting is on, letting you turn on the screen when your wrist is moved towards you.
Fitbit PayMake contactless payments from your wrist.
Music ControlControl music playing on your Fitbit watch.
Add WidgetAdd additional widgets to your Fitbit.
Sleep ModeFitbit’s sleep mode setting is enabled.
Low BatteryFitbit’s battery is critically low.
Fitbit Symbols and Its Meaning

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