Does Fitbit Need A Screen Protector? (6 Best Picks)

Wearable technology has become quite popular and has been widely adopted over the years due to being activity trackers. Although smartwatches also serve the same purpose, fitness and activity trackers are strictly designed to keep track of fitness and help in achieving fitness and health goals.

Fitbit is a pioneer and the oldest player in wearable technology, with a wide arrange of fitness and activity trackers. Just like other gadgets, some Fitbit devices have bigger screens, and you may need a screen protector for them.

Does Fitbit Need A Screen Protector?

If you wear a Fitbit device regularly as you have an active lifestyle or do some work that requires moving, then your Fitbit screen may be prone to scratches. Having a screen protector on Fitbit devices is a good idea, but not all of them need a screen protection.

6 Best Screen Protectors For Your Fitbit

It is important to buy a screen protector according to the Fitbit model as it provides the best screen protection and fits perfectly. Since many Fitbit devices require screen protection, some models don’t have a screen like Fitbit Flex 2, so you don’t need a screen protector for that.

We will outline some of our favorite screen protectors below:

NANW 4-Pack Screen Protector Case

Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 are two models with the exact screen sizes. If you own one device and anyone in the family owns another one, you can easily buy a 4-pack case.

These protectors are made of skin-friendly material and are available in multi-color case covers. You can order after choosing your favorite color pack right now!

Ace Armorshield Screen Protector

If you have a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, you can order an Ace Armorshield screen protector 6-pack. It is made up of flexible film, so it doesn’t crack. It comes with liquiform error-free installation, so every corner fits well, and that too without any bubbles on the screen.

LK Screen Protector

A screen protector pack for Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Sense that is made of TPU material to provide scratch resistance. LK Screen Protectors have only 0.1mm thickness, so they are touch sensitive, and it promises clear screen protection with clear transparency.

RinoGear Screen Protector

RinoGear screen protector for Fitbit Inspire 2 comes in an 8-pack. A perfect screen protector pack for Fitbit Inspire 2 model, and since it’s a fitness tracker, you will need a screen protector. Moreover, it comes with a lifestyle replacement voucher film for Fitbit Inspire 2.

RinoGear Screen Protector For Fitbit 3, Fitbit 4, And SE

RinoGear 8-pack screen protector for Fitbit 3 and Fitbit 4 is made up of TPU film. It is touch sensitive due to its film being very thin, and it is anti-fingerprint, so it doesn’t leave hand impressions on the screen.

It is visually unnoticeable due to transparency which gives a clear screen view. You can order your favorite screen pack right now.

JETech Screen Protector

JETech Screen Protector for Fitbit Blaze smartwatch comes in a 3-pack case. The glass thickness of the screen protector is 0.2mm, making it a durable choice.

Its high transparency makes it highly responsive to touch, allowing you to scroll and check your fitness goals quickly. Order your screen protector for the Fitbit Blaze smartwatch right now!

How to Apply A Screen Protector On Fitbit?

Every Fitbit model is different in its build. Some models have curves, some come with sharp edges, and some have circular screen designs. Also, you may need to remove bands in some models, and some can be installed without removing bands.

There are some basic steps that you can do before installing a screen protector:

  • It is always advised to clean your screen. Make sure that it is free of any dust. You can clean the screen with any fiber to clean a screen.
  • Take off the seal from the screen protector. Make sure to grab a screen protector from its non-adhesive side while doing so.
  • Now carefully align the screen protector gently on the Fitbit screen. The alignment should be edge to edge.
  • Once it’s aligned, you can install it on the Fitbit screen. For that, start from the center of the screen, and using any card, gently paste it on the upside and downside starting from the center.
  • Some bubbles may pop up when installing. You can remove these bubbles easily by pushing them toward the end of the screen using the card.
  • Once the screen protector is installed, let it remain there for some time so it perfectly fits the screen.

Tips to Care for your Fitbit Watch Screen

All screens, whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, or fitness tracker, they all need care. When the screen is unattended, it is prone to dust gathering on the screen, which alters the viewing experience. Also, when you don’t care much about protection, it creates a sense of carelessness, increasing the chances of damage.

It is always better to take care of your Fitbit screen by following tips:

  • Clean your screen regularly. You can use a soft cloth, and if there are stiff spots or streaks on the screen, you can soak a cloth in some soap solution to wipe the screen.
  • If you use a Fitbit device for workouts regularly, it is better to use a screen protector.
  • Do not clean the screen using a paper towel or rough cloth as they are most likely caused to scratch the screen.
  • You can clean the pins with a cotton swab or using rubbing alcohol.
  • Although many devices are water resistant, still better they have short exposure to water.
  • When you are not wearing Fitbit on your wrist, make sure to keep the screen upright rather than upside down to avoid surface contact.
  • Make sure to put your device in some place that is not much warmer.

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