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Does Whoop Offer Discounts? 6 Ways to Get

Does Whoop Offer Discounts?

As a fitness freak, the biggest distraction is screens. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, you waste a lot of time once you start using them. Similarly, the smartwatch screens are also a no-go option for me as I want…

Do Smartwatches Need Data a Plan?

Do Smartwatches Need Data a Plan

Smartwatches have become essential to life as many people use them for fitness tracking, making and receiving calls, listening to music, and instantly seeing important notifications. Besides, they add an aesthetic appeal to your wrist as smartwatches are sleek and…

5 Best Whoop Accessories You Will Love

Best Whoop Accessories

Whoop is both an app and fitness tracker, that can act as your fitness coach. When you wear a Whoop on your wrist, it tracks your data, and provides a personalized plan for optimal health and fitness. With Whoop 4.0,…

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