Does Apple Watch Need Screen Protector? Here’s Why I Bought

When you spend your hard-earned money on your favorite gadgets, you seek every possible way to keep them safe from any physical damage. To keep your mobile phones, tablets, etc free from scratch, you may opt for the most effective screen protectors available on the market.

Then, Why not provide an additional layer of protection to your Apple Watch as well?  

The Apple Watch is a sensitive smartwatch, which has a screen made up of ion-X glass or sapphire crystals depending upon the model. Apple claims that their watch’s screens are difficult to scratch or damage.

Many people have purchased the Apple Watch and are skeptical if they need a screen protector. In this article, we’ll know if you really need a screen protector for your apple watch. And if you do, we’ll explore some of the best apple watch screen protectors available.

Let’s explore!

Does Apple Watch Need Screen Protectors?

While the screen of the Apple Watch is extremely hard to scratch, it can get dents and scuffs in case it falls on a hard surface. Even a single scratch on the screen of your Apple Watch might destroy the aesthetic view. You might also need to get it replaced if the screen becomes unreadable.

Below is the table showing Apple Watches with their screen specifications:

Apple Watch ModelDisplay TypeScratch Resistant
Apple Watch Series 1Retina OLEDYes
Apple Watch Series 2Retina OLED (2nd Generation)Yes
Apple Watch Series 3Retina OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes
Apple Watch Series 4Retina LTPO OLEDYes
Apple Watch Series 5Always-on Retina LTPO OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes
Apple Watch Series SE (1st Generation)Retina LTPO OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes
Apple Watch Series 6Always-on Retina LTPO OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes
Apple Watch Series 7Always-on Retina LTPO OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes
Apple Watch Series SERetina LTPO OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes
Apple Watch Series UltraAlways-on Retina LTPO OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes
Apple Watch Series 8Always-on Retina LTPO OLED (up to 1000 nits)Yes

Apple does not recommend you put a screen protector on your Apple Watch. It is entirely on a personal preference whether to use a screen protector or not.

The Aluminium case Apple Watch has a screen of Ion-X. While the Apple Watches with stainless steel or ceramic case come with a Sapphire Crystal face, which has great resistance to scratches and cracks. This is why many people are asking if they need a screen protector for their Apple Watch.

As for the official statement, the answer is no. You don’t need one for your Apple Watch.

However, some Apple Watch users have reported that their watches get dented and scuffed in a fall. There are indeed activities that can cause damage to your Apple Watch screen. Let’s see what are they!

What Activities Can Damage Your Apple Watch Screen?

As Apple claims that their watches come with scratch-resistant screens, customers stay relaxed from any fear of scratch or cracks. But wearing it carelessly in some adverse conditions might damage the screen. This will not only hamper the aesthetics of your watch but also may trouble you while using your watch.

The three major activities which can scratch your apple Watch Screen are as mentioned below:

Dropping your Apple Watch

You might think you are careful enough but the moment you get careless while handling your Apple Watch it might get slipped through your hand. This is why you should avoid dropping the watch at all costs.

Watches can fall out of your hands or wrist while you change clothes, work out, take a shower, or perform other activities where your hands and wrists get sweaty. So, be careful and do not drop your watch.

Wearing your Apple Watch When Working with Tools

It is advisable to avoid wearing your Apple Watch while working with tools.

Tools can be sharp and can give a dent to your Apple Watch’s screen. It is also recommended to take it off while doing any form of gardening, working with ropes, climbing, etc.

Using Wrong Material for Cleaning the Screen

Everyone wants to keep the smartwatch clean. But while wiping out the dust or marks from the screen of your Apple Watch you need to be careful.

Using any piece of cloth with unsuitable material might damage the screen. Always Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen. You may also apply a small amount of polishing cream and wipe over the surface.

Should you Buy a Screen Protector for your Apple Watch?

As mentioned above, despite Apple Watches being scratch-resistant, there are a few instances where your screen might get dents and scuffs. I have been a regular user of the Apple Watch, and despite having a scratch-resistant screen, I too got it dented on a few occasions.

Using such an expensive piece of technology forces you to stay extra careful handling it. And when you are extra conscious about the safety of your gadgets, believe me, spending a few bucks on the screen protectors is worthful.

Accidents can happen at any time such as your Apple Watch slipping through your sweaty hands, falling some sharp tool over it, etc. At that time losing your money over the high cost of repair will hurt you more than applying a new screen protector.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one for your Apple Watch, below are some of the most reliable screen protectors I have tried or were recommended by my friends.

Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors to Avoid Scratches

There are various screen protectors available on the market for Apple Watch, but choosing the best one can be difficult. Here are some of the best screen protectors I have handpicked for you:

Spigen Proflex EZ Fit Screen Protector

Spigen’s transparent screen protector is available for most of the Apple Watch models, including Series 4/5/6/7, SE, and more. This screen protector comes with a dry wipe, wet wipe, and microfiber cloth, making it convenient for you to wipe out the dust from your Apple Watch screen.

TAURI 2 Pack Hard Case

Hard Case by TAURI is an ultra-thin tempered glass available for your Apple Watch Series 3/4/5/6/7, SE, and more. You’ll experience the highest original quality of the screen with this tempered glass. Moreover, it maintains the original saturated color of the screen.

This is one of the utmost sensitive tempered glasses available and has 99.99% of HD clarity. There is no need to remove the case before putting your Apple Watch on charging.

Wrap Up

Wrapping things up, I’ll say using such an expensive piece of technology as Apple Watch requires extra care. Accidents can occur at any time. You can lose your Apple Watch in sweaty hands or drop a sharp tool on it at any time.

It’ll hurt you more to lose your money on the repair than to replace the screen protector. If you are quite concerned about the safety of your Apple Watch’s screen, screen protectors are well worth the money.

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