9 Best Places to Trade In Apple Watch for Cash (Sell Quickly)

We see that you’ve decided to trade in your Apple Watch for cash. Very well! Because you’ve come to the right place. You may need money or try to buy another product from the Apple store. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you in this process of trading in your Apple Watch at the best place for the best price.

Here are the nine best places that we’ve carefully filtered for you to trade in your Apple Watch for cash and make the most out of it. Let’s Dive In!

9 Best Places to Trade In Apple Watch for Cash

Apple Itself

One of the easiest ways to trade in your Apple Watch is to make use of the ‘Trade-in or GiveBack‘ program offered by Apple itself. Depending on the eligibility of your Apple Watch, you can use the credit earned through the trade to buy a new Apple product or receive an Apple Gift Card for future purchases.

How Much Does Apple Offer?

You can get up to $150 for an Apple Watch Series 6. While the Apple Watch Series 5 can fetch you up to $115, the estimated trade-in value of an Apple Watch SE is up to $105.

The older the series goes, the lower will be the price. That’s why for the Apple Watch Series 4 and 3, you will only get up to $75 and $40, respectively.

What’s the Process to Sell?

You can trade in your Apple Watch in a store or online. In either case, you’ll receive a quote based on the model and condition of your watch.

If you choose to trade in a store, you’ll receive instant credit, with which you can buy your new product. And if it’s online, you will be asked to send in your watch, which will be evaluated before the final value is fixed.

Once you accept the quote, the product of your choice can be purchased using the credit value. And if it’s an Apple Gift Card that you want, it will be sent to you via email.


BuyBackWorld is a great platform to trade in your Apple Watch without worrying about the traditional hassles of peer-to-peer transactions. They have got a good reputation for providing excellent services to their customers. You can trade in your Apple Watch for a fair price even if it’s used, cracked, or broken.

How Much Does BuyBackWorld Offer?

BuyBackWorld offers up to $340 for an Apple Watch Series 7 in good condition. This is a good amount to start with. As the model varies, so does the price. At the lowest, for a fully functional and undamaged Apple Watch Series 2, you can get up to $90. Even an Apple Watch in poor condition can fetch you up to $32.

What’s the Process to Sell?

Trading in Apple Watch with BuyBackWorld is pretty easy. First, you have to select the generation, series, and model of your Apple Watch and confirm the exact case material, case size, band, and connectivity. With this information, you will receive an instant quote.

The shipping process is free. After which you will receive your cash, and that too, with 30 days of guarantee.


GameStop is another reliable place where you can trade in your Apple Watch for cash or credit. If you want to buy a product other than an Apple product and outside of an Apple store with your credit value, then GameStop can be a good option for you.

How Much Does GameStop Offer?

GameStop provides great service for their customers, but their trade-in value might not be as good as you expect. For a fully functioning Apple Watch Series 7, they will give you store credit of $63 and $50 as cash.

If the watch is damaged, you will get store credit of $22 and $17 as cash. And if your watch is completely hopeless and is dead, you will still receive $5 of store credit and $4 as cash. The trade value goes down as the model goes from Series 7-2.

What’s the Process to Sell?

For trading, get your Apple Watch to the nearest local GameStop. Don’t forget to carry the charger or any other accessories that go with the device. After charging and deleting your personal information, you can hand over your device and get paid with cash or choose to receive it as store credit.


On Swappa, selling and buying are direct without the intervention of a middleman. This allows you to get the best price for your Apple Watch. You can easily list your watch on their website and get paid as soon as someone buys the device.

How Much Does Swappa Offer?

The selling price on Swappa is pretty fair. You can get on an average of $400 for a fully functioning Apple Watch Series 7. For an Apple Watch Series 6, the price may range from $270-$280. Even an Apple Watch Series 1 can get you up to $72 if it’s in good working condition.

What’s the Process to Sell?

You can list your Apple Watch on Swappa in a few easy steps. First, you will have to create an account for yourself on Swappa, and then link your PayPal account to it, through which you will get paid.

Then, go over to the Swappa Sell page to search for the Apple Watch you wish to sell. Once you find it, simply click on “Sell” to start with your listing.


With GadgetGone, you can trade in your Apple Watch quickly and conveniently. The highlight is that they have more than one payment option for you. If you need a cash payment, it can be done either by transferring the money to your PayPal account or by receiving a check.

You can also get an Amazon Gift Card if you are saving up the money for a future purchase.

How Much Does GadgetGone Offer?

For a flawless Apple Watch Series 7, you can get up to $204 from GadgetGone. But their average trade value for this model is $184. If the Watch is brand new, and you are struggling for a full refund for any reason, then they will offer you $260 for it. Damaged or cracked Watches will only receive $30-$45.

What’s the Process to Sell?

GadgetGone will ask you a few questions, including the model and the condition of your Apple Watch, and give you a quick obligation-free quote.

If you accept the quote, you can give in your product for a free shipment. Upon receipt and evaluation of the product, you’ll be paid immediately via the payment method you choose.


When it comes to a hassle-free and risk-free way of trading in your Apple Watch, you can always trust CashForYourMac. After reviewing your Apple Watch, their Apple specialists will instantly send you their highest cash offer. You can either accept the offer and proceed to the next step or humbly decline it.

How Much Does CashForMac Offer?

CashForYourMac offers a good price if your watch is perfectly fine and just out of the box. You can expect up to $300 as store credit and $260 as cash for an unused and flawless Apple Watch Series 7.

But if it’s used and has any of the slightest damage, the price will be around $130-$159. For an Apple Watch SE, it will be $80-$100.

What’s the Process to Sell?

In a simple 3-step process, you can trade in your Apple Watch with CashForYourMac.

First, choose the model of your Apple Watch and answer the questions related to other details and functionality of your watch. You will instantly receive a Cash Offer. Second, accept the offer and get your FedEx shipping label. And finally, drop off your package at your local FedEx Office.

Sell Cell

Going around searching for the best place to trade your Apple Watch could be a hassle. At SellCell, you’ll receive the best price for your watch after comparing it with all the main Apple Watch Buyers.

How Much Does SellCell Offer?

The worth of your watch mostly depends on the model and working condition of your watch. But at the most, you can get a total of $268 for an Apple Watch Series 7 in good working condition. With the changes in other features, the price may vary from $190-$160.

Since it is a comparison site, the price provided by them will probably be the best in the market.

What’s the Process to Sell?

For trading in your Apple Watch with SellCell, start by choosing the model of your watch from their search box. They will compare the prices from all the main electronics buyback companies to give the best value. You can then mail your watch to the buyback company of your choice for free and wait to get paid.


It’s pretty much smooth with the Decluttr. “Sell it, send it, and spend it”, just as their website claims. You will get an instant quote for your Apple Watch according to its worth, after which you can send in the item for free and get paid by direct deposit, PayPal, or check. It’s that simple!

How Much Does Decluttr Offer?

For deciding the worth of the watch, Decluttr puts it into three categories; good, poor, and faulty.

If it’s in good condition, all the parts are fully functional and there is no significant tear and wear, you will receive $170 for an Apple Watch Series 7. If it’s working properly but has significant wear and tear, it’ll fall into the poor category, where you’ll receive $105.

In addition, you’ll only receive $17 if the watch is in faulty condition (not working or damaged.)

What’s the Process to Sell?

Just like any other buyers, Decluttr also gives you an instant quote after you have selected the model and condition of your watch. You can accept the offer and select “Sell This Device” to send in your device through free shipment. And without hassle, get fast payment by direct deposit or PayPal.


Dealings with IGotOffer are transparent and easy. The value of your Apple Watch is finalized only after you send in your watch to them. This means you get the best price that you deserve for your Apple Watch. If you are not happy with their price, you can instantly ask them to send back your product.

How Much Does IGotOffer Offer?

The price for an Apple Watch Series 7 offered by Decluttr ranges from $17-$333. If your watch is new by all means, that is, it’s never opened or used, you’ll get $333 for it.

If it’s opened but still looks like a new flawless one, you’ll get $310. For a used watch that is in fair condition with no visible damage, you’ll get $292. The price will drop to $17 when your watch is in a broken state.

What’s the Process to Sell?

After selecting the type, model, and condition of your Apple Watch, they will estimate a value for it. If you agree with the estimation, you can proceed to ship your device.

After receiving your product, they will check if the device matches your description. If it does, you will get paid instantly. If it does not, a new estimate will be made, which you can accept or decline.

Wrap Up – What’s the One We Like?

From all the places that we have mentioned above to trade in your Apple Watch, the one we prefer is:


And why not? You get the best trade-in value available in the market with the best service offered by them. Trading with them is the best way to make the most of your used, broken, or damaged Apple Watches.

Our recommendation may not be the best for you. So, choose the one that suits your needs from the list.

Happy Trading!

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