How to Connect Fitbit to Weight Watchers? Fix Sync Issues

Are you a Fitbit user looking to be a part of a healthy community? The Weight Watchers program, one of the most popular weight loss programs in the world uses a simplified system to count calories based on your age, weight, height, etc., to help you lose weight.

Weight Watchers has now partnered with Fitbit to provide users with a more personalized experience. This partnership will allow Weight Watchers app users to sync their Fitbit data with their Weight Watchers account and get personalized insights on how they can improve their health and fitness goals.

This guide will walk you through the process of connecting your Fitbit to Weight Watchers. Also, I’ll try to answer the most common questions regarding Fitbit and Weight Watchers integration.

Let’s Dive In!

Can you Connect Fitbit to Weight Watchers App?

Weight Watchers has partnered with Fitbit since 2015. You can connect your Fitbit to the Weight Watchers app, allowing you to sync and track your weight loss progress.

Remember that you must be a resident of the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom to be eligible for Weight Watchers and Fitbit integration.

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How to Connect Fitbit to Weight Watchers App?

Step 1: Open Weight Watchers App & Select Device

Step 1: Open Weight Watchers App & Select Device

For connecting a tracking device like Fitbit, you’ve to first find the Device option in the Weight Watchers app. To locate this device option, Open Weight Watchers App > Tap on the three dots located in the top right > Select Settings > Tap Devices.

Step 2: Connect Fitbit to Weight Watchers

Step 2: Connect Fitbit to Weight Watchers

You’re Almost Done!

Next, to view compatible activity trackers, tap on “Connect to a device or app.” Then, you’ll be given a list of devices & apps to connect with the Weight Watchers app. Select Fitbit from the list.

On the next page, Weight Watchers will prompt you to connect your Fitbit and authorize permissions to share data between your Fitbit & Weight Watchers. Tap “Continue” and follow the instructions to set it up.

Step 3: It’s Done! Start Syncing

Well Done! Now you’ve successfully connected your Fitbit to the Weight Watchers app.

Once you’re successfully connected, Weight Watchers will automatically pull data from your Fitbit account and gives you FitPoints based on your current activity level.

How to Connect Fitbit to Weight Watchers? (Using Web)

Connecting Fitbit to Weight Watchers Using Web

It is also possible to connect your Fitbit to Weight Watchers via the web app straightforwardly. You do not need to install the Weight Watchers app on your smartphone to do this; all you need is Fitbit/Weight Watchers account and a web browser installed on your phone or computer.

Step 1: Open your favorite web browser on your phone or computer, and visit WeightWatchers Login Page. Enter your credentials and tap Login.

Step 2: On Weight Watcher’s dashboard, Tap the profile icon in the top right and choose Settings.

Step 3: Under Activity, click Device

Remember, you can only connect one device to your Weight Watchers account at a time. Click Disconnect if you already have a device connected to your Weight Watchers account.

Step 4: On the next page, Weight Watchers will provide a list of compatible devices and apps. Select Fitbit from the list. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to Connect Weight Watchers to Fitbit.

Tips to Fix Fitbit Not Syncing with Weight Watchers App

Disconnect & Re-Connect

If your Fitbit is not syncing with Weight Watchers app, then simply try disconnecting your Fitbit account and re-connect. You have to follow the same process discussed above to re-connect your device to Weight Watchers app.

  • To disconnect a device or app, Open Weight Watchers > Tap on the three dots located in the top right > Select Settings > Under devices, Select Disconnect.

Contact Weight Watchers Support

Weight Watchers often have issues on their side. Contact their support team and describe your issue to get the most helpful solution.  

FAQs On Weight Watchers Integration With Fitbit

What Fitbit Works with Weight Watchers App?

The Weight Watchers app is compatible with the Fitbit Versa Series, Fitbit Ionic Series, Fitbit Charge Series, and Fitbit Inspire Series smartwatches.

How Do Weight Watchers Calculate FitPoints from Fitbit?

Weight Watchers calculate FitPoints from Fitbit based on your height, weight, age, and gender, as well as the type of exercise you perform and the length of your activity.

Whatever activity you choose to do with your Fitbit, you’ll earn FitPoints.

How Do I Use Fitbit Points for Weight Watchers?

With FitbitPoints, you can track your progress or swap them for SmartPoints. SmartPoints are simple points systems that help you make healthier choices. Also, each time you track an activity you earn WellnessWins which can be redeemed for cool rewards.

Can you Sync Weight Watchers Food with Fitbit?

You cannot sync food from Weight Watchers to Fitbit. While the app provides lots of useful information, the “point” system is only for tracking what you eat on their platform and does not sync to any other diet or nutrition service.

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