Does Fitbit Offer Student Discounts? (3 Ways to Get)

Are you a student looking for discounts on Fitbit products? According to a report, 87 % of students look for discounts before making any purchases online. And 83% of students shop if there is a special discount.

That’s a reason why several popular brands offer discounts to students as it helps them build a community behind their brand. It also helps the brand create loyalty among the community of students.

However, some brands like Fitbit don’t practice this directly. They instead partner with third-party companies to bring offers to students.

In this guide, you’ll get to know how you as a student can get great discounts on Fitbit devices. But first, let’s discuss how a Fitbit can help you in your student life.

Let’s Dive In!

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What Are the Benefits of Using Fitbit As a Student?

Fitbit wearable devices can be a great tool for you as a student, providing you with valuable information about your life. With this information, you can make better decisions about your health and well-being.

Using Fitbit as a student helps to stay physically fit. As a student, it is common to be notorious for sitting in front of screens as you study and neglecting your physical exercise. Thankfully, Fitbit has advanced features helping you with your physical exercise.

Using Fitbit as a student helps with monitoring sleep. It is common for a student to get inadequate sleep because they go to bed late and wake up early. A lot of students I know wear Fitbits to track their sleep habits to better monitor and improve their sleep.

Using Fitbit as a student minimizes phone usage. You don’t need to frequently check who is texting or calling. Fitbit shows all those information right on your screen.

Using Fitbit as a student keeps you entertained. When you’re bored, you can use Fitbit to keep yourself entertained. Fitbit lets you install exciting apps and games that help you kill boredom.

Using Fitbit as a student sets trends & styles. Fitbit helps you to keep up with new trends and styles to impress your peers. The wide range of watchbands available for Fitbit allows you to change your look for every occasion and season.

I would recommend Fitbit to any student, beginner, or seasoned athlete, because of all the benefits mentioned above, plus more that will be discovered as you use your device during your student life.

Does Fitbit Offer Student Discounts?

Fitbit does not offer a student discount officially. However, some third-party companies have partnered with Fitbit to offer student discounts for purchasing Fitbit products.

Rather than looking specifically for student discounts, I recommend looking for ways to save on your purchase instead, a more practical way to save extra bucks on your Fitbit purchase.

3 Legit Ways to Get Student Discount On Fitbit

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student program offers Amazon Prime benefits to college and university students, available for $69 per year or $7.49 per month. So what’s the benefit?

The benefit of enrolling in Amazon Prime Student membership is you get free two-day shipping, access to lightning deals and discounts, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, and more. You also get an additional $5 off for your first purchase from Amazon Warehouse with code “50OFFUSED.”

With the benefit of free shipping and prime day deals, you can hands-on your Fitbit at a fair price.

What are Amazon Prime Day Deals? During Amazon Prime Day Deal, the mega-retailer offers a variety of exclusive deals exclusively to its Prime members. It is typically 48 hours long, and shoppers will find discounts on almost anything during Prime Day.


MyUniDays is a platform for students that offers discounts on popular brands, including Fitbit. Students can sign up for a free account, and redeem exclusive discounts on a wide range of products.

They have a monthly round-up where the discount rate is updated each month. Usually, MyUniDays offer 20% off on all its Fitbit devices. You just have to sign up successfully to benefit from these exclusive deals.

Many similar brands have also partnered with MyUniDays and offer up to 60% off on their products.


Another platform, StudentBeans, offers student discounts and loyalty programs across 52 countries in partnership with several brands.

For eligibility, students who are studying full-time can take advantage of StudentBeans discounts. It includes high school students over 16 as well as college students, university students, and apprentices.  

Creating an account is the first step to saving. Make sure you submit your school or college email address, not your private one when signing up. StudentBeans will require you to verify your student status by submitting your institution name and some relevant documents.

Once you sign up successfully, you can get up to 20% off on Fitbit devices.

Wrap Up

Taking everything into account, Fitbit has not officially announced any student discounts. Instead, they have partnered with companies such as MyUnidays and StudentBeans to accomplish this.

Secondly, Amazon being the popular marketplace for Fitbit, you can sign up for Amazon Prime Student and grab lightning deals on Fitbit products. The good thing is it doesn’t cost anything for the first 6 months.

Good Luck!

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